Wireless Charging Kits Installation tutorial: TZ-SS003000016 BMW 3-series 4-series 2013-2018

    Hi, here are the wireless charging Installation tutorials for the 2013-2018 BMW 3-Series (F30-F80) 4-Series  (F32-F36). Front center console tray replace charging PAD, Cigarette lighter backside connecting. 

Installation photos:

Installation video 1

Installation video 2

Any other questions, please feel free to let me know.



  • Brian P Geary

    Will this work with the iPhone 11 Max? I ask because this phone is wider and I’m curious if the connection will be made OK.

  • Marty Helms

    How is the Black Friday code not valid for this product? Seems you should post or make the code more specific if it doesn’t apply to all products. Frustrating.

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