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Q & A about CarQi wireless charger

Q: How to install the car cell phone wireless charger? 
A: Some models are directly connected to the car original cigarette lighter or USB port, and the unique mold can be perfectly stuck in the right place.
Some models need to remove the car central control panel, replace the original car tray and connect the power supply from the back of the cigarette lighter. Suggest operating this by professional technicians.

Q: Can I use the phone case at the same time? 
A: Yes, you can, the charger is suitable for the rubber\plastic\TPU phone case but no metal on it, and the thick phone case(over 4mm) can affect charging speed and even cause stop charging.
When the charger doesn’t work, please check if there are any metal objects like coins, IC Cards, bank cards between the phone and charger.

Q: Does wireless phone charger support fast charging? 
A: Yes, it supports 10W, 7.5W and 5W charging.

Q: Does Carplay/Android Auto work when using wireless charging? 
A: Our device is only charging the cell phone, you need wire to connect cell phone for the CarPlay function. And our device will stop charging when wire connecting by smart identification.

Q: Will the CarPlay still work without cable plugging in when using wireless charging? 
A: the CarPlay must wire plugging to work. our product is charging function only.

Q: BMW car is not running but the charging pad is still working? 
A: Our device is parallel connecting the car cigarette lighter power wire. As I know, some brands car (such as BMW) cigarette lighter power off about 10 minutes after car off (the door should be closed).


  • Why does my charger green light go off in a few seconds. Even brought it in house and same thing happens

  • Is this Compatible with iPhone XR?
    I am guessing yes since you mention lates iPhone 11 pro is compatible with it But I figure ask anyway?
    Thank you

  • Why does my charger green light go off in a few seconds

    Vic pampalona
  • You can still close/open the tray. The wire harness has a long extension to allow this. The tray does rub the harness some when opening and closing, but I don’t use the cover very often. If you open/close frequently, I suppose it could damage the harness over time.

  • Can you still close the tray cover with this unit in place?


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