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 A leader of the Car Wireless Charger


Car Qi Wireless is the biggest car wireless phone charging solution provider in the world, specialized in integrating Qi wireless charger with your car interior seamlessly. we provide Qi wireless charging pad for many kinds of brands worldwide, such as Tesla, BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Cadillac, Honda, Land Rover, Toyota, Porsche, Buick, Jeep, Ford, Volkswagen and so on. We supply car wireless charger to worldwide customers, like the US, Europe, China, Japan and so on. we are also the supplier of many 4S shops, professional service centers, dealer shops, repair shops and more.

Car Qi Wireless understands what we sell is more than Qi car wireless charger, it’s about the key for you to enjoy fantastic driving, it’s essential for customers to get perfect and easier driving experience.


How We Do It


 Born to Innovate

“Born to Innovate” has been Car Qi core value from day one. We constantly seed new ways to deliver customer-led solutions through our proprietary design, research, develop and manufacture. Every person in our team is focusing most of their work on this niche Automotive Qi Wireless Charger area. Our combined product development skills and quality control have helped us create experts in automotive wireless car charging industry.


 Obsessed with Quality

An obsession with quality underpins and dictates our actions, relentlessly delivering the very best service for our global customers. Car Qi Wireless products are rigorously tested by our dedicated R&D teams which have a strong emphasis on quality control. Every single Qi Wireless Charger kits are tested in CQW test center, 100% match your car exactly.

Our quality management standards maintained by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO), providing a number of business process requirements for consistent product manufacturing and delivering to meet customers' needs and expectations.


 Devoted to Customer Excellence

If you’re looking to save without compromising quality over cost, we’re glad you’ve found Car Qi. For us, creating good quality and reasonable cost product is as important to us as your car is to you. We are a wholesaler of aftermarket wireless phone charger for cars, our team is able to deliver quality products at a reasonable price because of our dedication to the field and wholesale business model. 

Car Qi wireless charger kits are widely used in the world. The number of global customers has grown over the years. We have increased our presence in the United States, Asia, and Europe, still expanding our business in Australia, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Russia.

We will keep bringing more Car Qi Wireless products to the world.

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