New iPhone SE 2020 Fit for Carqiwireless Product?

      The long-rumored Apple affordable phone is finally here, and on the evening of April 15, Apple revealed information about the New iPhone SE (2020) on its official website. The new iPhone SE has a 4.7-inch LCD screen that retains the large bezels at the top and bottom and the Home key with Touch ID, which looks very similar to the iPhone 8.
      Unlike the iPhone 8, the iPhone 9 / iPhone SE 2020 has been upgraded on the chip. Apple's most powerful A13 bionic chip has been used in this phone, which means it's comparable to the iPhone 11 Pro. It has 2.4 times the CPU power and 4 times the GPU power of its predecessor, the New iPhone SE 2020.
      And, the 2020 iPhone SE has wireless charging on board. Any Qi-compatible wireless charger can be used to charge the iPhone SE (2020) through the back panel of the phone. The iPhone SE 2 also features fast-charging. With an 18 watt or higher adapter, the Apple iPhone SE 2 can charge up to 50 percent of its battery power in 30 minutes.

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