How to judge whether a wireless phone charger for car is worth buying?

Here are some important factors in opting for a wireless charger for your car.

Charging efficiency

Check whether the charger supports fast charging if that’s important for you.

If a charger has a 3-coil design, it’s more likely to have higher charging efficiency and larger range of effectiveness. But that does not mean 1 coil or 2 coil does not fast charger because it can be achieved through other ways, such as some charger for Tesla Model 3, which has only 1 or 2 coils but has fixed charging area to assure charging effectiveness.

Difficulty degree of installation

Check whether the charger can be easily installed or require some mechanic expertise. For chargers that have a USB port and cigarette lighter head, they can be installed easily.

Otherwise, you need to dismantle some piece of plate and replace it with a charger.

The advantages of this kind of chargers are they look more like OEM, perfectly integrated into the car. And mostly they support fast charge.

Whether it keeps your phone in place

This is important when you take a turn or off-ramp a little too fast.

Mostly it’s achieved through an anti-slip mat or some small lips to avoid phone sliding off.

No change of the original function of the car

For example, if the charger is installed on the sliding plate, check if you can still use sliding after installation.

Finish/Material of the charger

Matt finish is better than polished finish as polished are more inclined to scratches. 

LED indicator light

It is better if the charger has a clear indicator light in a conspicuous position if you think it matters.

Carqiwireless has a newly come out charger for Toyota Camry/Camry hybrid, and the design has all the advantages mentioned above-assists fast charge with 3-coil design, easy to install, anti-slip design, with clear indicator light & premium material and finish. Now presell for only $29.99 standard charge and $34.99 fast charge. It would be cool to have it.

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