From 1th Gen. to 10th Gen. Honda Civic interior evolution history, which has you seen?

From 1th Gen. to 10th Gen. Honda Civic interior evolution history, which had you seen?
Today, the most favorite car brand for young people, besides Benz, BMW, Audi, I think it should be Honda.
The Power of Dreams! Honda's spirit just fits with young people's life attitude and pursuit: living yourself, living passion, not losing youth. You will know it when driving a Honda.
When it comes to Honda, we should mention its "soul model" - the Civic, it has been available for 47 years and has grown to 10th. generation. It is now widely known around the world.
The interior is the heart of the car. Let us now look at the evolutionary history of Civic.

1th Generation Civic (1972-1979)
The first-generation Civic with CVCC engine and weight of less than 650 kg, it has excellent performance, ultra-low fuel consumption, and cheap price, its interior fit basically use only. And it is the leader of cheap family cars at that time.

2th Generation Civic (1979-1983)
The second-generation Civic optimized and upgraded the interior space, making it the best in the same level car. It won the best-imported car award and total sales of 3 million units. The interior style is the red color used main, it greatly promotes the feeling of the interior.

3th Generation Civic (1983-1987)
The inside space of 3th Gen. Civic has increased greatly in the seating space and interior design.
Compared with the previous version, the color back to a dull, but much improved in the design. The air conditioning vents are not placed on the dashboard dull, the layering is richer more. from 3th Gen., the Civic has with an SI version, 135 horsepower, 152 Nm, 8 seconds break 100 KM/hour!

4th generation Civic (1987-1991)
VTEC is the best! It's available in SiR version of the 4th Gen Civic, the B16A engine can output 160 horsepower, the peak torque of 152 Nm, with the 5-speed manual gearbox, 7.4 seconds break 100 km/hour, the max speed can be 222 km/hour.
Compared with 3th Gen, the interior is more modular, more sleek, more refined.

5th generation Civic (1991-1995)
It is also enthusiastic version, the performance on the road can be described as "Stunning". but the interior is not so amazing, even worse than the 4th generation, but the white background color tachometer is stimulating a strong desire to drive.

6th Generation Civic (1995-2000)
Compared with the previous generation, the interior is mainly concentrated in the central control, the overall feeling is more dimensional, and the tactile impression is better.

7th generation Civic (2000-2005)
This generation of Civic is not good enough, space has improved but the drive control feeling has dropped. The changes in the interior are really big, the design has changed, and even the gear lever is placed in the middle of control, just like MPV.

8th generation Civic (2005-2011)
The eighth-generation Civic uses a double-layer meter design, the digital display located dashboard upper. The center console is tilted toward the driver's side. It creates a sense of technology, and the practicality is also satisfying. This design attracts many people crazy to Civic.

9th generation Civic (2011-2015)
Still using a double-layered central control design, and the central control is more inclined to the driver's side, not more different than 8th generation Civic's, and there is not much improvement.

10th Generation Civic (2015-present)
The name of “Super Run” Civic is from the tenth generation Civic. Its interior is familiar to everyone. The new design has abandoned the previous style and returned to the tradition. It looks no longer cluttered.

From 1th Gen to 10th Gen Honda Civic interior evolution history, which style you like best?

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