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    In the car, it is an excellent scene for cell phone wireless charging. It does not need frequent plugging and unplugging the charging cables. It is an important car accessory to increase driving safety and improve driver life quality. It greatly improves the experience of using and charging cell phones in the car.

    In order to let you fully understand the car wireless charging (Original + Aftermarket), I am here to bring you some knowledge and market analysis.

ONE - car wireless charging form: The Original and the Aftermarket

    “The Original” refers to the wireless charging device configured by the car manufactory. It is usually located in the central storage box and the armrest box. The mobile phone can be charging when put on it.

    “The Aftermarket” is additional devices are added to the car for wireless charging, It can be installed in the air conditioner vent, the car center console, and so on.

    The original car wireless charge technology comes from the wireless charging solution company provided to the car manufactory. As a qualified original car wireless charger, wireless charging certification is only the basis, but also meets the strict vehicle-level hardware standards, the certain requirements for working temperature range, waterproof and dustproof level.

    It includes a series of strict requirements, such as E-Mark certification for the vehicle industry, IATF16949 for the factory system, and EMC certification. The standards are strict, the cost is high, and the time is long. It leads to only a few wireless charger manufacturers that can made for the original market. 

    “The Aftermarket” car wireless charger, it is not part of the whole vehicle, so it is not subject by the compulsory certification standards from car manufacturers. Therefore, the reliability of the product is not as good as the original device, but it's more cost-effective.

1, In 2019, the latest with original wireless charging car series summary: 161 cars series

    At the end of 2012, Toyota has announced the 2013 Avalon become the world's first car with the original Qi protocol wireless charging function. It bringing the wireless charging technology to car.

    At the end of July 13, 2019, there are 1,238 car series in the Chinese market, and 161 car series support phone wireless charging, accounting for about 13%.

    Each of these cars series have few models optional. For example, the Audi A8 has 8 models, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class has 13 models, and the BMW 7 Series has 24 models support cell phone wireless charging. So, there are thousands of car models in the market support phone wireless charging.

2, the aftermarket car wireless charger

   One type of aftermarket car wireless charger is a special mounted wireless charging pad for the car. It is customized by a manufacturer for a specific car model. It looks similar to the original wireless charging device.

   Another type of aftermarket car wireless charger is the car wireless charging bracket, which is mostly in the market. It includes four types: infrared sensor bracket, gravity bracket, magnetic bracket, voice control bracket.

Two - Qi certification car wireless charger marketing performance

    According to the data from Strategy Analytics, the Qi-certified car wireless charger has shipped more than 12 million units worldwide in 2018, increase 101% year-on-year. This includes the car original wireless charger and aftermarket wireless charger.

    Regarding the car original wireless charger, the automotive industry has already adopted Qi as the phone wireless charging standard in the car. The WPC global consumer survey in April 2018 shows that 45% of consumers want to use wireless charging in their car. and China's data is 32%.

    WPC also said the car wireless charger manufacturers are selecting EPP certification for their new products now. The WPC data shows that the newly car wireless chargers after March 31, 2019, are all Qi EPP certification.

    Note: there are two types of Qi certification based on power: one is BPP, 5W and below; the other is EPP, 5W to 15W. the EPP certification will undoubtedly bring a better wireless charging experience.

Three - summary

    In the car scene, it's a high-required for wireless charging, easy and safe, free two hands to operate.

    The car wireless charging market, whether the original and aftermarket, still have much room for development.

    In the trend of wireless technology, we are optimistic about the future of car wireless charging.


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