Review 2019 Camry 2.0G first using experience share

When wrote this, I had nearly driven 4,300 km, I became more and more familiar with my 2019 Camry.
Ten years of driving experience, from my own Vios, LaVida, Pentium B50, to friends' Bluebird SYLPHY, HONDA Fit, XRV, and the test drive Accord, Passat, after comparison, Camry can give me a more intuitive feeling, the durable leather of 2019 Camry is needed verifying by time.
Today, sharing my 2019 Camry's driving experience, using, wish it's helpful to the prospective car owners.

As a driver, driving experience is the most important, 2019 Camry 2.0G has equipped new 2.0 engine and new CVT gearbox, the chassis is completely different the 7th Camry, also the feeling is much better than 2018 Camry.
Fuel economy:
During this time, the most satisfaction is Toyota's engine, which is the thermal efficiency of 40%. The most intuitive feeling at the beginning was fuel economy. Only Regular (87) needed, it saved me a lot of money.
With the new CVT gearbox, after a period of driving, I found that fuel economy is unbelievable, it is more than I expected.

About the power of 2019 Camry, when I step on the gas beginning, it feels a little weak. Maybe the 2.0-L engine is no easy to start up such a large body.
But this engine is enough powerful later. When I stepping gas 1/3 to 1/2, it is a strong feeling of back-push, and the engine's full power has exploded.
However, because it is a new car, I don't want to deep step the gas. I don't want the engine to exceed 3000 rpm,and 2500 rpm is enough now.

Control: Because of the new CVT gearbox, when my 2019 Camry speed rising, I can not feel the action of gearchange, the power output is smoothed very much. But at the moment when no give gas, I can fell car power losing. This abrupt is heavy, it is affecting the Camry overall driving experience, it should be the manufacturer's problem, and after this moment, the Camry is running very smooth.

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